Why choosing the program


Why choosing the postgraduate program

The Department of Primary Education has developed over years teaching and research activity in the use of new and digital media and ICTs in education.
The Academic Staff of the MEd Program combines the subject of study with the use of digital media technologies, by applying innovative practices in the educational process and providing research opportunities at postgraduate level in various fields of education related to the use of digital technology.
The aim of the MEd Program is on the one hand the advancement of knowledge and the development of research and on the other the training of scientists, who are necessary for educational, research and development needs of our country.

Unique characteristics

  • Provide certification of pedagogical and teaching proficiency
  • Flexible attendance, in intensive cycles per month (including weekends and holidays), aiming to facilitate students who work in other regions of the country
  • Utilization of software and web applications in sciences and theoretical courses
  • Partnerships with universities and organizations in Greece and abroad
  • Laptop borrowing for the entire period of study for a number of graduate students in need
  • Innovative educational activities, such as the annual thesis preparation seminar
  • Organization of scientific conferences with the participation of graduate students
  • Scholarships for performance and by academic criteria
  • Attendance at the beautiful island of Rhodes!
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